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          Come work with us

          Working at RVshare
          We are passionate about connecting people through travel.
          RVs and Motorhomes are a multi-billion dollar industry and every year, 10+ million people go on a trip with their RV or rent an RV. Over 10 million people in the United States own an RV, which in most cases sits in their driveway for 40+ weeks a year. That’s why we started RVshare, to give RV owners a good way to earn money from the RV when they’re not using it, and for explorers to be able to rent an RV anytime/anywhere they want.
          What Makes RVshare a Great Place to Work?
          We have a fun, self-starting, collaborative work environment and we love focusing on results. We believe in trusting our employees, flexibility and continuing to create a workplace people are excited to come to every day. We have a ping pong table, “chill room”, a fully functional kitchen, and an open floor plan for easy brainstorming and communication with your team. We host all sorts of fun events and the list just goes on! RVshare has offices located in both Akron, OH and Austin, TX.
          2020 Best Places to Work Austin Badge
          Available Positions:
          Senior Back End Software Engineer
          About the Role:

          We are looking for a senior back end software engineer that enjoys building well-architected Ruby code. Our back-end is built in Ruby on Rails and our front-end is built in React.js. We’re fully hosted in AWS, and we use Github & Circle CI to manage development, testing and deployments.

          You will report to an engineering manager and participate in the agile software development process. You will work closely with Product Management to help ensure that we’re building the best features in the best way. You will have the opportunity to work on all types of projects across the entire RVshare platform.

          Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
          • Develop full-tested software in Ruby on Rails code with Rspec.
          • Work with QA to ensure your software meets the requirements and passes all tests
          • Ensure your software passes all build steps before deploying your code to production
          • Provide technical feedback on product requirements
          • Participate in the technical design process
          • Participate in daily standups and agile sprint planning meetings?
          • Help triage and fix bugs reported by our customer support team
          • Document your work in our shared internal wiki
          • Help junior engineers improve their skills
          Who We're Looking For:
          • At least 4 years of experience with Ruby on Rails
          • At least 8 years of total experience writing software in open source languages (Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, Java, etc)
          • Experience building and maintaining REST APIs.
          • Some experience with front-end Javascript frameworks (React.js, Angular, Vue)
          • Some experience with HTML & CSS
          • Positive-thinking team player that works well with others
          • Great communication skills
          • Loves to ship working software to thousands of users
          How to Apply:

          To be considered for this position, please send your resume to?[email protected]

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